Investigation Pictures

Private residence in Athens, GA. The homeowners captured many orbs outside of their home. Inside the house, something was scaring their toddler.

Photo by V. Luibrand

Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA

photo by B. Greenfield

Photo was taken at Skull Shoals, GA. Jen felt electric tingling in her right hand. Her hand is blurred in the photo and there appears to be a tiny discharge touching her face. She was not smoking.

photo by R. Heflin

Ken took this photo of Bev and Vicki standing by a creek in the No. GA. Mountains. Notice what appears to be a ghostly arm reaching out from behind Bev towards Vicki. At the time Ken took this shot, he had the feeling that something was trying to contact us.
There was no one else standing with Bev and Vicki.

photo by K. Sumner

Moving white anomaly in a North Georgia home
photo by FPR

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